Cradleland Chronicles
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It’s the dawn of humanity, and civilization is rapidly advancing – and something’s not right . . . not right at all.

A dark power is at work, intent on gaining complete control of the Cradleland – the birthplace of the still young world. All that stands in the Power’s way is one troublesome line of humans: the descendants of Seth. They are of the only remaining clan clinging to an all-but-dead faith. And yet it’s from that faith that a prophecy threatens all plans of world dominion – a promise, spoken from the heart of Eden, warning of a human son yet to come who would strike back with a crushing blow. The darkness is determined to stop that from happening. This redeemer must be born of a human, so an incredible scheme is launched to prevent the prophecy from coming to pass. First, pollute the human bloodline; and second . . . kill the only one who could be humanity’s deliverance!