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Chance Ketcham is a drifter, a cowboy who’s always looking for greener pastures. After a card game with Benny Gellerman – a man good with a gun but bad with cards – Ketcham decides it’s time to head out again. He finds a place to bed down on a lonely New Mexico farm run by Corely Mattlin and his widowed daughter-in-law, Margaret. Ketcham has his eye on pretty Margaret, but he’d better keep his eyes open wide for trouble. A local rancher named Jeb Ollfinger is trying to run the Mattlins off their land, and he’s not above using violence – even murder – to get what he wants. Margaret is sure her husband’s killer was one of Ollfinger’s men – a gunman named Gellerman. If Ketcham knew what was good for him, he’d head out again. But this time he’s got a job to do first.

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