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In the turbulent years before the Civil War, Steamboats ruled the Mississippi – carrying the wealth of a nation along the great river at its heart. These mighty ships were the lifeblood of America, and the hopes and dreams of the people who rode them united the North and South at a time when history was trying to tear them apart.

The Tempest Queen was among the biggest and most luxurious boats on the river, the pride of her veteran captain. She was a floating palace, with a turn of speed that rivaled even the legendary Natchez. And on her decks rode wealthy planters and reckless gamblers, pioneers and slaves, glittering beauties and dark desperadoes.

This is their story – the epic adventure of America in the making, of the proud men and women who changed the course of history . . . and of the fabulous riverboats that carried the dreams of a nation.

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