Flight to Eden is beautifully written, unfolding like an epic collective memory, a waking dream of a world long past. One does not merely read this book – it engulfs the senses, revealing a drama that is both Biblically faithful and doctrinally sound. Douglas Hirt has proven yet again that he is a master storyteller.
— Shane Johnson, author of A Form of Godliness and The Last Guardian

In Flight to Eden Author Doug Hirt creates a whole new world within the confines of our own Earth history. An epic tale of spiritual and human forces that brings the pages to life.
— Kristen Heitzmann--Bestselling author of Secrets, and the 2003 Christy Award finalist, The Tender Vine

“Adventure, suspense, intrigue, and spiritual conflict make Cradleland Chronicles Flight to Eden blockbuster reading. Doug Hirt’s storytelling genius raises the bar to a new level for wordsmiths of every genre.”
— Jim Dyet, Author, Bible teacher, editor, board member and mentor for Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild